About Us
Our company was established in year 1361 (1982) with the aim of production and supply of concrete products and developed gradually with production of different typs of conceret, metal and wooden products in relation to road, building (civil construction) and urban elements.
Now, Shoae shrgh concrete compony, under supervision of experienced engineers experts and personnel with an experience of about 30 years, by receiving appreciation tabiets from related organization and gaining title of "Exemplary Unit" in several periods, is placed within reputable and advanced companies of the country regarding standard and desired volumes and quality of the products; receiving of example industrial certificate in year 1380 (2001) from Guilan governor's Office, appreciation letter from Housing and City planning organization, Engineering Council Organization, Guilan industries and Mines Organization, standard Permit from Iranian Standard and Industrial Researches Institute and receiving ISO 9001-2008 certificate from D.A.S of United Kingdom, all indicate high quality of products of our company.
In spite of the mentioned successed, the aim of this complex is father up from competition level in the country and in fact will be offering products with the best quality in worldwide level. For this purpose, considering importance and role of research and advancement in development of technology and information systems, in direction of advancement of scientific goals and with the aim of development and fulfillment of activities based on research in production offairs wich is an unavoidable task in modem world, we have gathered an experienced research team beside an equipped laboratory for controlling on quality of materials and substances who assist our complex in research and making updated, so that products of this company are regularly inspected in Quality Control Laboratory located at the company and after verification by the executive of the laboratory, will be prepared in order to be offered to the market.
Our honour is offering sale services of the products in the farthest reaches of the country and in the best menner.